Cloud PBX Solutions

Increase productivity, reduce costs.

Cloud PBX Solutions uses VoIP technology to place voice calls over an internet connection. Don’t feel trapped waiting for your current internet contract to expire. Instead, bring your own broadband. Your business can add Cloud PBX Solutions to their current internet service provider to simplify and improve communications.



The phone system you need, at a cost you can afford.

Focus on your business - not your phone system. Administrators and users can easily manage and control all communications and phone features from any web browser. Take advantage of over 50 features and multiple phone models.

  • Unify all of your communications. Optivon’s mobile app - Accession Communicator - incorporates a mobile phone, tablet or laptop into your communication landscape.
  • Send and receive calls, instant messages, and video calls from any device.
  • Integrate Accession with CRMs such as Salesforce or Sugar CRM to boost agent productivity.
  • Increase your inner-office collaboration by giving employees the ability to see real-time status of coworkers and communicate with remote employees.

We deliver the features your business needs in today’s competitive business environment!

Avoid a communication crisis
Upgrade your phone system,
and gain stability today.


Regardless of company size, your business needs to provide professionalism when communicating with your customers. Cloud PBX Solutions gives your agents the tools to increase productivity, while still tailoring the service to your business size. Choose from our Basic, Advanced, and Premium packages. Only pay for what you use, and grow the service as your business grows.

Below are some of our most popular features:

Basic Cloud PBX Solution Highlights

  • Automatic Callback
  • Call Forward, Call Transfer, Call Waiting
  • Easy Attendant
  • Music On Hold

Advanced Cloud PBX Solution Highlights

  • Click to dial
  • CommPortal Web Self Care
  • Find me Follow me
  • Business Call Manager

Premium Cloud PBX Highlights

  • Accession Communicator - mobile & desktop
  • Multiline Hunt Group
  • CommPortal Admin Interface
  • Fax and VM to Email

*A minimum of 5 lines is required.