Benefits of a BYOD Program

Has your company looked at the possibility of using a “bring your own device” (BYOD) program?

BYOD initiatives are becoming increasingly popular, especially with small to medium sized businesses.

• Save $$$
• Less devices for employees to keep track of
• Smaller phone contracts
• Device diversity
• Less helpdesk requests

• Can’t track employee use
• Employees have to use their personal number
• Company data is stored on personal devices

As you can see, in the past there were major security and oversight concerns with using a BYOD program. However, the risks are not what they once were. Advances in technology have erased the cons of BYOD programs and made them a real cost cutting opportunity for businesses.

Now, with programs such as Optivon’s Accession, employers and employees have a way to separate business from personal, even on a personal device. Accession, a mobile application, can route video and voice calls, allow for inner office instant messages, and show coworkers your availability status.

For more information on how Accession could help your company use a BYOD program, visit our website or call our customer service team at 1.877.OPTIVON.