Optivon Begins Offering VoIP Services to Sarasota County

20 Oct 2016

Optivon, an innovative provider of cloud based business communications services, will now extend its VoIP business solutions to Sarasota County. Recently, Optivon named their Lakewood Ranch office cloud communication headquarters for the business. With so much growth in the area, Optivon felt it was the perfect community to invest their time and skills. For its … Continue reading “Optivon Begins Offering VoIP Services to Sarasota County”

Hosted Cloud PBX vs. On Premise PBX: Why your business should make the switch.

14 Oct 2016

Communication is one of the most important foundations of a business. This includes communication amongst coworkers, communication to clients, and most importantly, communication to potential clients. What are good methods and what are not? In this blog post we will discuss the types of platforms businesses use for their communication needs. You’ll learn which platforms … Continue reading “Hosted Cloud PBX vs. On Premise PBX: Why your business should make the switch.”

What Is Sip Trunking?

26 Sep 2016

It is possible to stream just about anything through an Internet connection nowadays. For businesses, this presents an opportunity to improve functionality while cutting costs. One newer option available to businesses is known as SIP trunking. SIP trunking is a multi-facet service that works for both small and large businesses, whether the goal is as … Continue reading “What Is Sip Trunking?”

Hurricane Season: 3 tips to help your business recover after disaster strikes.

31 Aug 2016

Hurricane season is upon us and already it appears that it will be an active year. Just in the past two weeks, the Caribbean, Florida and even states further up the East Coast have been threatened with tropical storms and hurricanes. It seems the weather will be hitting us hard this season! Hurricanes and other … Continue reading “Hurricane Season: 3 tips to help your business recover after disaster strikes.”

Benefits of the Bring your Own Broadband (BYOB) Solution

18 Jul 2016

Optivon’s Bring your Own Broadband (BYOB) solution allows your business to integrate our hosted PBX services with your current broadband provider to satisfy and improve communication and network standards. Here’s how: Continuing Communication Cloud communication systems are becoming a necessity in today’s workforce where mobility and reliability are a top priority. Optivon’s BYOB solution ensures … Continue reading “Benefits of the Bring your Own Broadband (BYOB) Solution”

Easy Steps to an Improve Workforce Efficiency

08 Jun 2016

In the current extremely competitive marketplace, businesses are consistently looking for ways to become more efficient. Everything is fast paced and the conversation regarding “What do we need?” vs “What can we live without?” is constant. One thing businesses cannot live without – Communication – both inner office and with clients. So how do you … Continue reading “Easy Steps to an Improve Workforce Efficiency”

The Changing Landscape for Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

25 Apr 2016

Words from our CEO, Luis G. Romero: Network function virtualization (NFV), cloud based virtual servers, hosted services, and mobility are changing the landscape of communications service providers (CSPs). The cloud has become the delivery mechanism of these services, tearing down the walls of the geographically constrained legacy architecture. This disruptive change will affect the relationships … Continue reading “The Changing Landscape for Communications Service Providers (CSPs)”

Benefits of a BYOD Program

24 Mar 2016

Has your company looked at the possibility of using a “bring your own device” (BYOD) program? BYOD initiatives are becoming increasingly popular, especially with small to medium sized businesses. Pros • Save $$$ • Less devices for employees to keep track of • Smaller phone contracts • Device diversity • Less helpdesk requests Cons • … Continue reading “Benefits of a BYOD Program”