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Mobile & Web Development Services

Optivon Mobile App & Cloud software development services is the newest department at Optivon, Inc. With offices in Lakewood Ranch, Florida and Puerto Rico and we help private companies, federal government agencies and local government convey their ideas and transform them into high quality mobile or web applications. Alongside our clients we create the concept and initial prototypes, then our team of bright developers leverage leading edge technology to complete the development process, identifying opportunities for improvement and solutions.

We specialize in creating easy to use Android, iOS and web applications. Our apps every day are helping to save lives, reduce crime, reinforce homeland security and drive business processes to excellence

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Mobile Apps Development

We specialize in developing Android and iOS mobile applications. Innovation and effective problem solving are two of our drivers. Either a public facing or internal app for your employees, we’ll create a scalable tool that will help meet your business objectives. It doesn’t matter how complicated it might look; we turn your ideas into great products. We happen to build beautiful, easy to use mobile apps.

Web Development

You might need to increase your web presence, or streamline internal processes interconnecting departments. You may also want to process data sent from your mobile apps. Our web based applications integrate with API’s or mobile applications, so you can monitor and have control over your business.

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