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Sarasota VoIP Phone Services

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Sarasota Business and corporate phone services are often expensive. Traditional landline options have grown in cost, with many packages charging businesses thousands of dollars annually. This is money best spent elsewhere within your Sarasota based company, yet maintaining appropriate communication with clients and partners is important. VoIP phone services for business helps cut down the cost of telecommunications without reducing the quality of calls or number of features. For any Sarasota business owner looking to save money, switching to a Sarasota based VoIP phone service provider may be the answer.

What is VoIP?

Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, it essentially is a phone line that works through an Internet connection. Voice data is sent in packets over the IP connection instead of the more traditional circuit transmission, which uses the landline PSTN (public switched telephone network).

The Sarasota Advantages of VoIP

The main advantage is cost. As a Sarasota business needs an Internet connection to function (in most cases), using the Internet to make phone calls instantly reduces utility costs. Instead of paying to maintain and use a dedicated phone line, calls are made using the IP address. The voice data packets are sent in a similar way as an instant message or email, only the information contained in the packet is different.

With A Sarasota VoIP phone provider, a user pays for the software/hardware to setup the IP telephone number. For an individual account, software can be used for this. Sarasota VoIP phone services for business are more extensive and may require local hardware, although it depends on the service a company uses.

As VoIP deals in data packets sent over an Internet connection, businesses are not charged a per-minute fee. There also isn’t a long distance fee as well. Sending information from one country to the next generally does not cost an Internet Service Provider more money, which is why making international phone calls often doesn’t incur additional fees (there are some exceptions based on the VoIP service provider and the country in question, but for the most part, all calls made using VoIP are viewed as the same).

VoIP For Business

There is a difference between VoIP for business and for personal use. A personal VoIP service may only run when someone has the software open. Even if they have a dedicated phone connected to VoIP hardware, it more or less works like a traditional phone and a single phone number. However, a business account requires more powerful tools consumer phone systems are not able to offer.

VoIP for business makes it possible to setup extensions. One of the exceptional features regarding VoIP for business is that as it works off of the Internet, it does not require a dedicated internal server to function. So, where a landline business telephone service would require all extensions to exist within the closed network, VoIP extensions can exist anywhere in the world (and on any phone). So, someone who works at home can have a business extension on a VoIP phone within their home. They can also receive calls from the extension on their cell phone as well. This makes it possible to boost communication over what a landline offers while cutting down the price as well.