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Need improved accessibility, flexibility, and mobility for your sales team, customer service, or even your entire organization? Look no further than our Cloud features and solutions. The features available through Optivon’s Cloud PBX system will increase the productivity of your employees, client retention and ultimately YOUR REVENUE!


What is Cloud PBX?

Eliminating the need for an on premise phone system and major equipment, Cloud PBX Solutions keeps your upfront investment at a minimum. Most importantly, our services are scalable to the size of your business – meaning you only pay for what you will use.

Cloud PBX delivers all of the standard features of an on premise phone system, plus numerous new features that can help make your business run smoothly.

Cloud PBX is the last phone system your business will ever buy!




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  • One phone number reaches all devices.
  • Sales team can be anywhere, on any device, taking customer calls.


  Mass Announcement

  • Send previously recorded alerts and updates to multiple contacts at once.
  • Use as a marketing tool to send specials and monthly promotions
  • Notify of appointments or impending deliveries.
  • Send Emergency Alert to employees and clients of outages, closures etc.



  • A platform to facilitate inner office communication.
  • See coworker availability, automatic call directing, and reporting.
  • Business TXT – Send texts from any device to mobile phones, using your business number.











Jump start your mobility, today!


  Easily Integrate

Bring your own broadband. Plug existing or new VoIP desk phones into your current internet connection, log into desktop and/or mobile application and instantly have access to voice and video calls over your internet connection. Minimal downtime during set up!


  Voicemail to Email

  • Forward voice messages to another recipient.
  • Quickly receive voicemail content on email, allowing for a faster response time.  

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