Hurricane Season: 3 tips to help your business recover after disaster strikes.

Hurricane season is upon us and already it appears that it will be an active year. Just in the past two weeks, the Caribbean, Florida and even states further up the East Coast have been threatened with tropical storms and hurricanes. It seems the weather will be hitting us hard this season!

Hurricanes and other natural disasters end up costing businesses millions of dollars each year, in both physical damages and loss in revenue due to operating constraints. Has your business set up a disaster recovery plan?

It can be difficult to set up an all-encompassing disaster recovery plan when there are so many different types of disasters to prepare for. From a hurricane, to an earthquake, to a power outage or a fire, Optivon disaster recovery service can ensure that your business stays up and running during times of turmoil. Here are a few of our tips to keep your business running.

  1. Move away from your traditional PBX phone system.

We’ve talked about this before. Traditional phone systems are becoming a thing of the past. They are expensive. They require outdated equipment. There are frequent maintenance and repair outages. The infrastructure and specific equipment is expensive. It is laborious and time consuming to update or change. We could go on and on. If all of that doesn’t grab your attention – let this be your one take away. If you are using traditional PBX phone lines and you lose power, you will lose connectivity.

An alternative to a traditional PBX phone system is Optivon’s Cloud PBX solution. Even during a power outage your company remains connected. Main phone numbers stay consistent on any device and contacts and call logs transfer, which keeps business running as usual. To your customers, nothing is amiss and they continue to receive the service they are accustomed to.

  1. Take advantage of Mass Announcement.

Mass Announcement is a service that Optivon offers along with our Cloud PBX packages. It allows businesses to send previously created text messages to as many as 2000 numbers simultaneously.

This can be helpful in a number of scenarios. In the event of a disaster, you may need to send a message to your employees about building closures or changes to working hours or you may need to notify your clients of changes in services. Mass Announcement gives you a platform to communicate with the masses quickly and succinctly.

  1. Review all plans and options with your employees.

Having a disaster recovery plan is definitely the first step. However, if your employees aren’t aware or practiced in the plan then it won’t do your business a whole lot of good. Set everyone up for success and make sure disaster instructions are clear and accessible. When disaster strikes you want your employees to know exactly which systems to use and how to use them so that down time is minimal.

To learn more about Optivon’s disaster recovery services, visit our website, Facebook or call us at 1.844.OPTIVON.