Do you have plans to work through the summer slump?

Does your sales team have a plan to get through the summer slump?

Here at Optivon, we’ve been hard at work ensuring that our summer sales don’t take a dive and we have a few tools that might help your with yours! Check out our latest technology to kick your productivity up a notch and even win some bonus customer service points with your clients.

  • SMS

At risk of sounding like a broken record…communication is KEY!

Your customers want to know that they are a priority and they want to hear from you.

Use our SMS service to quickly and easily reach your clients or even prospective clients. Our SMS services give you the ability to send a text to clients from your business number. SMS texts can include appointment reminders, bill payment confirmations, delivery time estimates etc.

Whatever information you need your clients to see quickly – send it via SMS directly from your business number.

  • Mobility

Summer is a crazy time with kids out of school and family vacations and it seems that everyone is running in a million different directions. This doesn’t mean your business has to shut down! Our mobility services allow your employees to receive and make phone calls from one central phone number.

Your business stays running, no matter the location of your employees.

  • Mass Announcement

Keep everyone in the loop. Mass Announcement lets you send out alerts to up to 2000 contacts simultaneously. You can use this in case of an emergency, or just to wish your clients a happy Friday.

No matter the area you need assistance in, we’d be happy to keep you on track throughout the summer and end of the year.

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