Does your business have a recovery plan?

You might be shocked to know that 40% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster. 40%! That is an extremely high failure rate.

Disasters are often unexpected, it’s in their nature – whether it’s a natural disaster, an equipment failure, or building issues. This is the main contributor to the high business failure rate after any disaster. While disasters are not preventable, being prepared definitely helps!

The first step: making sure your company has a business recovery plan. This plan will have many sections and details, but the goal is to outline what to do in case of a disaster in regards to where your business will obtain services, what are the roles of each employee, or which equipment is absolutely necessary.

The last step: ensuring everyone knows that the business recovery plan exists and how to implement it. Without this, the actual business recovery plan is useless!

So how can Optivon ensure that your business remains in the 60% post-disaster success rate? Our cloud phone systems ensure that your business never has to miss a day and allows you to communicate with all employees and clients – from anywhere. Some of these services include:

Open a large conference call line to update employees or clients or post disaster processes.
Cloud Capabilities
Keep your call center or main number up and running, even if you don’t have power or internet.
Mass Notification
Send previously recorded alerts and updates to 5000+ contacts simultaneously.

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