Hosted Cloud PBX vs. On Premise PBX: Why your business should make the switch.

Communication is one of the most important foundations of a business. This includes communication amongst coworkers, communication to clients, and most importantly, communication to potential clients. What are good methods and what are not? In this blog post we will discuss the types of platforms businesses use for their communication needs. You’ll learn which platforms are outdated and what they have been replaced with.

What is an on premise PBX?

An on premise PBX is most likely the office phone system that still pops into your head if you were asked to picture an office phone system. Large desk phones are connected to traditional phone lines. Each employee has a 3-5 digit extension that can be reached by other phones in the office and you are required to dial 9 to reach any outside number. Additionally, it requires a room in your building to house the necessary equipment to operate a phone system.

While this was the best solution for your business communication needs for many years, it no longer provides all of the tools to succeed in the modern business world.

There are many useful and necessary features that an on premise PBX lacks.

  1. It does not provide mobility.

Employees must answer incoming calls on their desk phone, at their desk.

  1. Maintenance outages are frequent.

Outages, whether planned or unplanned, occur for many reasons. Equipment needs to be updated or serviced, whatever the reason, outages cost time and money.

  1. The cost is much higher.

Having an on premise phone system requires buying a server and hardware. This is a costly endeavor.

  1. There isn’t a lot of flexibility.

Whether your office is growing or shrinking, there isn’t a lot of flexibility in an on premise phone system. Costs are high to make any changes.

What is a Hosted Cloud PBX?

A Hosted Cloud PBX is a phone system that uses VoIP to complete voice calls. Essentially, this means that voice calls are placed over a high speed internet connection, instead of a traditional phone line. This type of phone system can be operated on many types of devices. Your office can keep their standard desk phones and operate a Hosted Cloud PBX through them, or they can opt to have employees use soft phones through their computer, tablet, or even their cell phone.

A Hosted Cloud PBX phone system provides many business benefits over a traditional on premise phone system.

  1. It gives your business the power of mobility.

Employees are free to answer calls on any device from any location – all to one central number.

  1. It provides flexibility.

Adding or subtracting phone numbers can be done instantly and costs are low.

  1. Costs are low.

Hosted Cloud PBX eliminates the need for high equipment costs.

Choosing to switch from On Premise PBX to Optivon’s Hosted Cloud PBX can have an incredible effect on your business. Call us today for a free consultation to hear how we can make your business more efficient at a lower cost.

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