Manage Your Business From Anywhere

A wealth of capabilities to make your business more productive. Hosted Voice includes a wealth of features and capabilities. They include:

  1. Web portal enables users to manage calls, faxes, and voicemails; administrators have powerful features to configure business-level features.
  2. Desktop and mobile client/app enable instant messaging and “presence” capabilities (if they are available or not) with your work group or entire company.
  3. Outlook integration, click-to-dial, and voicemail-to-email integrates Hosted Voice into how you work every day.
  4. Call Manager allows users to easily personalize the service to meet their individual needs – features like find-me/follow-me and simultaneous ring (with your mobile device)
  5. Auto Attendant is highly flexible and works in tandem with music-on-hold to play music or messages.
  6. Call logs provide a detailed record of your business’s usage; also deploy account codes to track at a greater depth.
  7. Optional features include contact center capabilities, call recording, and audio conferencing.

User Features:

Caller ID with Name
Speed Dial, Short Codes, Intercom Codes
Automatic Call Back, Automatic Recall
Multiple Call Appearances, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Call Transfer
Call Hold/Park/Pickup
Paging/Intercom Features
Shared Line Appearance
End User Web Portal
Business Call Manager (BCM)
Receptionist Features
Voicemail to Email
Do Not Disturb
Contact Management
Click to Dial
Desk phone Customization
Desktop Client
Mobile apps – iOS + Android
Voicemail Transcription
Video Chat
Fax to Email
Call Jump
CRM Integration