Tips to Help Your Remote Employees Succeed

The ability to work from home is an attractive feature in today’s job market. Many companies are adding this as an option for both entry level and senior employees. While there are many cost saving benefits to having remote employees – such as reducing the cost of office space and holding a higher employee retention rate – there are also some drawbacks. Employees can feel that they aren’t part of the office team and feel detached from the office culture.

Here are some tips to help your remote employees stay involved and productive:

  • Give clear and measurable goals.
  • Clear tasks and deadlines help keep remote employees engaged.
  • Require attendance at team meetings.
  • Periodic interactions with coworkers in the office setting helps remote employees feel that they are a part of the team.
  • Communication
  • Most importantly, use technology such as Cloud PBX or Accession to           allow remote employees to consistently communicate with the office, even when they aren’t physically in the office.

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