What Is Sip Trunking?

It is possible to stream just about anything through an Internet connection nowadays. For businesses, this presents an opportunity to improve functionality while cutting costs. One newer option available to businesses is known as SIP trunking. SIP trunking is a multi-facet service that works for both small and large businesses, whether the goal is as simple as improving communication or as complex as offering new streaming media to customers.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking, short for Session Initiation Protocol, is a VoIP based service that takes advantage of an Internet telephony service provider to deliver communication to customers using a SIP private branch exchange. Essentially, it makes it possible for a business to deliver media streaming services to clients over an Internet connection. This way, if a business wants to offer a digital presentation, Web conferencing, live video stream or whiteboard, they are able to do so with their clients.

Trying to digest all the acronyms involved with SIP trunking can become confusing at first, so breaking down the process is necessary. First, the streaming media runs off of a VoIP. Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, this is where the media is streamed through an Internet connection. The Internet transmits information in data packets, so while video contains more data, it moves over an Internet connection in the same way as an email or an image. The live television or sporting events that you stream from your computer are often transmitted using SIP trunking over a VoIP service provider.

Client Specific Information

One of the major benefits of SIP trunking is that a business can determine who views the information and who doesn’t. Often times, a business may only want clients who have purchased access to certain services, such as live seminars, Web chats or whiteboards, to be able to view them. SIP trunking allows you to do this.

When you create a live event for specific users, the users will be granted access to a unique website, often requiring a username and passcode. This confirms the identity of the viewer and allows the individual to view the streaming material.

Streaming Options Available

There isn’t a real limit to the kind of streaming material a business can produce and share through SIP trunking, as there is no data limit. Live streaming audio is available, but so is video, slide shows, presentations, seminars and just about anything else you may want to offer clients. Offering clients live streaming content can help partners and customers feel included and important within the business setting, as if they are invited to join an invitation only activity. The content can be recorded and placed online for future viewing, but the live experience can bode well for a business. It also helps facilitate live interactions between those hosting the live streaming service and clients watching. SIP trunking makes all of this possible directly over an Internet connection.

Improving customer relationships is one of the most important jobs a business has. Making a client feel special and included with invitation only events facilitates communication and provides added services, no matter the industry. One of the best ways to do this is with the aid of SIP trunking. This VoIP media streaming service allows businesses to provide live streaming material over an Internet connection, ranging from live podcasts to seminars and presentations. By utilizing this kind of technology, it boosts a company’s connection with its client base and interested partners.

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