Optivon Selects Metaswitch Virtualized Business Solution

NFV Pioneer Enables Network Operator to Meet Business Customer Needs With a Fully Virtualized Deployment That Reduces War Time to Market and Infrastructure Costs.

October 26, 2015 – Metaswitch Networks, a Cloud pioneer in network functions virtualization (NFV) and a leading network software provider, today announced that Puerto Rico-based Optivon has deployed Metaswitch’s fully virtualized, integrated Business Communications solution. Metaswitch’s multi-tenant solution allows Optivon to deliver hosted PBX, wholesale nba jerseys unified communications, contact center, and SIP trunking cheap jerseys services from software running exclusively фотоальбома on commodity servers in its cloud data center.

“We selected Metaswitch’s Business Communications solution because the virtualized platform provides us an exceptional amount of flexibility for growth,” says Optivon president and CEO Luis G. Romero-Font. “Metaswitch’s Clearwater Core IMS was also a very important factor in our decision. It will Definición be the cornerstone of our IMS-based service applications.”

Metaswitch’s entire Business Communications solution feature set is virtualized, allowing to network operators like Optivon to enjoy a faster time to market than with conventional approaches. With several announced NFV customers to date and dozens of proofs-of-concept ongoing, Metaswitch has proven expertise and experience handling NFV deployments of all sizes. Metaswitch’s virtualized solution also solves the broader NFV requirements that many traditional telecom wholesale jerseys equipment makers don’t yet address. For example, it offers flexible, network-wide licensing and the ability to cheap nfl jerseys perform thorough diagnostics on virtualized components.

“Network operators are looking for ways to reduce physical infrastructure, lower costs, increase their service agility, and speed innovative new services to market,” says Michael Howard, senior research director, carrier networks, at IHS. “Carriers will want to examine the Metaswitch approach, which is designed add to address each of these pain points and help carriers give their business customers the advanced communications capabilities they need, with continuous cheap jerseys scaling built дочь in to accommodate new services and additional users.”

With Metaswitch, Optivon has the flexibility to add features more quickly, the ability to use its Asari Metaswitch IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) to support advanced voice and video features, and the competitive advantage of being able to more easily offer communications services to customers outside its facilities-based networks.

“Metaswitch is helping Optivon accelerate its time to market with a cutting-edge, virtualized solution,” says Chris Carabello, senior director, product marketing, Metaswitch. “Network operators know that Metaswitch has a proven formula for deploying business communications quickly and successfully.”