Cloud Communication Trends

18 Feb 2016

Trends change daily. How does your business stay relevant in the ever-changing marketplace? Take a look at the current trends in cloud communication services to see if your business is keeping up. Integration Long gone are the days of multiple solutions for your communication needs. Optivon provides Cloud PBX, Cloud ACD, and our mobile application, … Continue reading “Cloud Communication Trends”

4 Ways Outdated Technology is Hurting Your Business

16 Feb 2016

Is your business running on outdated technology?It might have more of a negative impact than you think. Change is difficult, especially if you feel your current technology is functioning without complaint. Below are 4 motivations to make the upgrade as soon as possible. 1. Employee Retention Millennials make up the largest group in today’s workforce … Continue reading “4 Ways Outdated Technology is Hurting Your Business”

Trends in Unifed Communications (UC)

13 Feb 2016

There are a plethora of articles out about Unified Communications (UC). This one does a great job of detailing what UC is, UC’s most important features, and how we are going to see UC impact businesses in the future. Let us know what you think about the Unified Communication trend on our facebook.

Essential Steps to Improving Communication

11 Feb 2016

Communication is the cornerstone of your business – interoffice communication, communication to your clients, and most importantly, communication to potential clients. Every interaction is important and often businesses only have one opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Don’t let your outdated phone system get in the way of creating client relationships. Optivon’s Accession is a … Continue reading “Essential Steps to Improving Communication”